Real-time soil and climate monitoring has allowed agricultural companies to better understand how plantations are responding to environmental conditions and to react and adjust accordingly. As a result of this monitoring, yields, nutrient and water use has improved, and product quality has remained consistent for consumers.



Petro-chemical industry

Cloud computing and big data tools have dramatically reduced the costs associated with processing large volumes of sensor data common to many industrial vibration applications. Sensors Tracking’s industrial customers are leveraging these new capabilities to deploy condition-based monitoring and prognostic systems at a fraction of the cost and installation time of traditional systems.



Fridge and Freezer

Real-time temperature monitoring and data logging of your refrigerator and freezer is made possible with Sensors Tracking, no more need to note it all down on site. As soon as a temperature exceeds a threshold you set in the app, you are immediately alerted. You can manage the temperature, control humidity levels and pressure too with a simple connection to the Sensors Tracking app.



Smart wine cellar

Monitoring humidity and temperature in wine cellars is very important to keep wine in excellent condition. Wherever you are in the world, you and your team can easily check your data and you will be alerted by SMS or e-mail if a reading exceeds the thresholds you have set. This way, you can take the necessary measures and ensure that the quality of your wines is always optimal!





The temperature control of your refrigerators dedicated to the storage of your provisions is as important as the quality of your products! With our temperature probes, keep an eye on your refrigerators and don’t lose any more provisions because of a broken-down fridge. In case of sanitary control, prove the continuity of your refrigerating installations with our temperature recording system.



Data Center

Temperature control of your data center racks is critical to the safety and profitability of your facilities. Energy management through temperature monitoring is easily done with our system of sensors and loggers with cloud-based monitoring of your facilities.



Greenhouse Control Systems

To improve crop management, a number of sensors and instruments can (and should) be used to gather information in greenhouses. Closer monitoring of the greenhouse environment using advanced sensors and software can significantly improve earnings and economic performance by optimizing plant growth. Track these parameters in real time with our cloud-based software and take the necessary steps to ensure the quality of your plantings in no time.




Home Automation Solution

Building a smart home starts with smart home automation sensors. Sensors are the eyes and ears of your home, informing you of changes in status 24/7. Equip your home with sensors and monitor your environment in real time to react to changes in temperature, humidity or other parameters.



Museum and Archives

Our environmental data loggers track and trigger temperature, humidity, and UV light/illumination alarms to protect and assist the conservation of fragile artworks and other facilities in galleries and historical sites. We also provide temperature and humidity alarm systems for libraries, archives and document storage rooms, as well as for the transportation of these valuable assets between facilities. All data is time-stamped and organizable for complete and traceable tracking.




Pet Shops

For the well-being of your animals, monitor the temperature of your cages, your aquarium and other vivarium. Immediately identify any unexpected temperature or humidity changes in your facilities that may endanger your animals.

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